Marie Gale MSW


Kaleidescope: n. a cylinder in which bits of material can be viewed with light revealing an endless variety of patterns

Human beings are wonderful and complicated. There seems to be no 'one size fits all' approach to helping people. Symptoms sometimes have many causes. Many popular methods of treatment do not work for all people. Therefore, I tailor each person's therapy according to their needs and how the issues uniquely unfolded in their history, building on their strengths.

When someone's problem has been short lived, practical strategies that expand coping, communication, or parenting skills can offer immediate help. Given the abundance of self help books available, however, some people who have exhausted common strategies come in seeking something more. Chronic depression, gripping anxiety, an unmanageable relationship, or discontent with life are examples of such strongholds. I bring knowledge of the complexities of the human mind and heart, and offer a collaborative endeavor, where, if necessary, we leave no stone unturned first, to arrive at the fullest understanding of the problem, and the most customized solution.

Unpleasant emotions (anger, fear, worry, guilt, sadness, envy) are what brings some to therapy. Humans cannot think their way through difficult emotions. Drawing from concepts of emotional intelligence and emotional regulation and mindfulness, I believe those emotions might be simply acknowledged and understood as signals for deeper learning about unattended needs. I help put those concepts into practical use and help to identify feelings that are vague or intertwined with other feelings and undermining a person's success.

Feedback from clients has been that my recommendations are not routine, that I ask more questions than other therapists, and conclude that I aim for a more thorough understanding and often unique responses.