Marie Gale MSW


Parent consultation sessions are offered as a way to improve a child’s well being by working with the parent on understanding and addressing the child’s behavior. When the problems have been short lived, when there is uncertainty if the child is in need of therapy, or when there is need to keep costs down, parent consultations can be an effective way to help restore equilibrium at home sometimes in a few sessions or periodically over a difficult time span. These may also be beneficial in families where an adolescent refuses their own therapy.

The most common advice parents hear is “enjoy your kids while they are young because they grow up fast”. Yet, some parents are not finding it joyful and instead are experiencing frustration, confusion and sometimes exasperation. This work is particularly valuable for preventing problems later on in life.
Using the parents account of the child’s history as a roadmap together with my understanding of child development and children’s illogical logic, we collaborate to find a working hypothesis of the child’s problem and experiment with ways in which the child may be helped at home.